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“Books feed the mind. Mysteries feed the soul. I have experienced real life mysteries, and Grodin has captured the essence of human nature when it becomes violent. A wonderfully well crafted mystery.
You will love this book.”

~ Lt. Joe Kenda,

   “Homicide Hunter”, Investigation -Discovery Channel

"The mystery at the heart of every mystery story is death. We build our confidence by solving the imaginary mysteries laid out for us. I can only hope that I will recognize the ending of my own story with the deep satisfaction and bitter regret that I found on the last page of this book. Grodin has dreamt up a world so delightful that you will be as sad to leave it as you will be to leave the world her novel both mirrors and surpasses."


Physics Can Be Fatal

“I think of theoretical physics as detective work.  Here’s an engaging mystery where the protagonist is a young physicist.  When she’s not kayaking or trying to figure out the world around her, she helps Detective William Tenney solve a puzzling murder of a fellow physicist from Cambridge University.”

~ Prof. Max Tegmark, theoretical physicist, MIT

“In all my years of producing and exhibiting mysteries involving crime, this is one of the most satisfying plots I have ever untangled – perhaps because the story involves a winning, young physicist and a murdered colleague, interwoven with a cast of characters consumed by such heady ideas as string theory.  Elissa Grodin ties it all together in a compelling yarn.”

~ Henry Schleiff, President, Investigation, Discovery Channel

Haunting...Grodin draws the reader into her emotionally complex story right from the beginning, with lush descriptions of this beautiful landscape, and vivid characters with whom we can readily empathize. Hers is a stunning and memorable debut. The characters are well developed and I found myself empathizing with all of them. Very human. I would certainly recommend this book and feel it would please a wide audience.

~ Amazon~

C Is For Ciao

“This brilliant and imaginative children’s book captures the extensive impact that Italian history has on our society, while making it accessible to a child’s mind.  As an Italian-American, I can see the impact that Italy has on our culture every day, from our music and art to our fashion and foods.  And I love it everywhere, all of the time – Buon Appetito!

~ Mario Batali

“An excellent introduction to the richness of Italian history and culture.”

~ Midwest Book Review

D Is For Democracy

“Elissa Grodin’s beautiful new book will inspire and enlighten citizens of all ages about our precious democracy.  She has an extraordinary gift for making learning a joyful experience.”

~ Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York

“I have spoken with thousands of American children from Guam to Charleston about freedom and democracy.  I find this book fun, accurate and very inviting to young and old.  It simply describes why democracy is so valuable, what it took to make it this way, and what we need to do to preserve it.”

~ Gail S. Halvorsen, Col. USAF (Ret)

N Is For Nutmeg

“E is for Entertainment, Education, and Elissa. . . “

~ The Norwalk Hour

“Elissa Grodin has created a true family book that everyone will enjoy.”

~ Connecticut County Kids Magazine

Grodin . . . has also written for the Times Literary Supplement and New Statesman.  Here, she provides a thought-provoking action guide that suggests ways to feed the brain . . . Grodin also describes empowering examples of how youngsters have made a difference in their communities.”

~ ForeWord Review

The Happy Prince

“Such a beautiful story of sacrifice and giving.  Read it to your kids NOW.”

~ Goodreads

Death By Hitchcock

“Elissa Grodin has done something that most people might find impossible:  she turned a physics professor into an amateur sleuth.  And a good one, at that.”

- Prose ‘n Cons Mystery & Suspense Magazine

“Author Elissa D. Grodin brings to her mystery novel a very special expertise arising from her own life as the daughter of the founder of AMC Theaters (Stanley Durwood) and the wife of film actor Charles Grodin.  She applies her insights into the world of film to create an entertaining realism as she deftly weaves a complex story and populates it with memorable characters.  A solid entertainment from beginning to end, Death By Hitchcock is very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Mystery/Suspense collections." 

~ Midwest Book Review